I see my vocal art as a chance to communicate with people from different cultures. While it’s deeply rooted in kazakh and turkish tradition it also embraces contemporary influences form free jazz and improvisation.

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As a young girl I used to write down my thoughts and dreams – and I still do. My lyrics are based on observations in everyday life as well as on stories I know from my childhood.

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Having worked with some of the finest musicians around the world, I love to pass my experience on to other people by conduction workshops or teaching private lessons in vocal art and improvisation.

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  • Sunday, October 23th 2022

    a2w, Meisenrain 75, 8044 Gockhausen Zürich, 5pm

    Kazakh-Turkish impressions with Saadet Türköz (voice and text), Peter Conrad Zumthor (drum)

    Saadet Türköz inspires audiences with her strong expressive voice all around the world. She reaches back to her Kazak-Turkish roots in her repertoire. Peter Conradin Zumthor from the Grisons is an equal partner to her music and creates extraordinary soundscapes with his remarkable drumming art. The duo is a blast of flowers, plants, herbs and thorns. It takes listeners on an exciting musical journey beyond the borders.


New CD out now!

I am very grateful and happy to announce that my beautiful Duo CD „Kumuska“ with Elliott Sharp has been officially released by Intakt Recods Label Switzerland.

The CD is dedicated to my mother. News about the CD being published came at the same moment my mother was in hospital in February this year before she left this world. I thought „she as my mother never left me alone, she transformed her soul in to my music“.

Million thanks to Flo Keller & Intakt Team for the realisation, to the Culture Section of the City of Zurich for supporting and to everybody who was involved in „KUMUSKA“.

Order the CD on Intakt’s Website